CIW Inspection Report

Please find our CIW inspection report for our wraparound service. We are delighted that we achieved excellent in all areas with no recommendations for improvement.

CIW childcare report – click to read the full report 

Children are confident communicators and curious learners at St Joseph’s Wraparound.
They consistently make decisions and choices about what they want to do and how they
want to spend their time at the setting. Children engage in purposeful, play based activities
that enhance their experiences and provide many opportunities for them to learn and grow.
Staff are knowledgeable and promote children’s health and well-being, ensuring
safeguarding underpins all practice. Children have a strong sense of belonging as staff
consistently show them kindness and care and foster close bonds of affection with them.
Staff confidently provide a child-led setting through following children’s interests and
planning effectively.
Leaders provide a warm and nurturing environment where children can play and learn
safely. There is a range of play spaces and plenty of resources to support children’s
learning and development. Leaders ensure the resources and equipment are appropriate
for the children’s ages and stages of development, and they ensure they are of excellent
quality, clean and well organised.
Leaders have an excellent vision for the service which they run effectively. They have a
good sense of purpose which supports their improvement plan and enables them to
develop positive partnerships with parents, carers and outside agencies. Leaders maintain
successful links within the community, and they work closely with parents who are thrilled
with the care their children receive