Name  Category Term of Office Expires
C Thraves LA Governor June 2026
N Harrington Foundation Governor 2 January 2025
A Heald Headteacher Ex-Officio
Fr Robert Davies Foundation Governor March 2026
P Lewis Foundation Governor June 2026
K Hikary Parent Governor November 2026
M C Pitson Foundation Governor (Chairperson) 2 January 2025
Father C Thadathil Foundation Governor 10 January 2025
M Grimsley Associate Staff Governor 1 January 2026
D Nutt Foundation Governor  March 2026
C Jones  Foundation Governor 25 November 2025
 K Powell  Teacher Governor 1 October 2025
Clerk to Governing Body:  A Cooze
c/o St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School, Caepistyll Street, Greenhill, Swansea, SA1 2BE  (Tel: 01792 653609)
  • Foundation Governors are appointed by the Trustees of the Diocese of Menevia.
  • LA Governors are appointed by the City and County of Swansea.
  • Generally, a governor holds office for a fixed period of four years from the date of his or her election or appointment.
  • Minutes of full governing body meetings are available on request from the school office or from the School and Governor Unit, City & County of Swansea (01792 636550).