Accelerated Learning Programme


During the crisis it is clear that many learners have not progressed as much as they might in terms of their progress in learning, some having been impacted more seriously than others. Evidence from a range of reliable sources (OECD, ARC, Estyn, the regions, Sutton Trust, Children’s Commissioner, Barnardo’s, International Intelligence Updates), including those focusing closely on Wales, suggests that most or all learners have been affected, and that the most vulnerable have been affected the most.

Principle 1: Learners in Greatest Need: Affected Cohorts

Vulnerable and disadvantaged children, as defined by a range of approaches, but including the poorest children and families, learners with special educational needs, learners from BAME communities

Principle 2: the Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards Curriculum: Areas of Support Learners Should Receive

To achieve the ambitions we set out in Our National Mission, curriculum reform remains our central priority for education in Wales. It is essential that all our work with the education system in the context of Covid-19 aligns with international best practice, which is also the basis of our curriculum reform proposals. Our focus for the coming year will be:

  • Literacy, numeracy and digital competence within a broad and balanced curriculum – for the examination years, this will include higher order reading and writing skills, high level mathematics where relevant, and digital competence at the appropriate level and as relevant to learners progressing with their qualifications
  • Development of independent learning skills, to enable and motivate learners in all groups to make accelerated progress by working more effectively alone and out of school
  • Support and engagement through coaching – this in recognition that the most disengaged learners will need coaching and emotional support as well as support for examination preparation and skills

Plan for how we will deliver this in St Joseph’s Cathedral Primary School

ALP Spend Plan 2022-23